Paint It

This was not a very good summer. Besides pandemic, I had one camera and one lens in the repair shop for more than a month. It is a good time though to go through the old photos and refresh many precious moments.

Outing is not as readily convenient these days, I found another creativity outlet – digital painting. Drawing is not my forte. Utilizing photography to create a blueprint (sketch) and painting software to draw digitally makes my painting dream possible. To me, it’s all about self-enjoyment and creativity opportunities.

I surely don’t spend lots of time editing a picture, but I found it great fun tweaking a picture and adding artistic elements. Just like seven years ago, when I started to learn photography, I went through a struggling phase, many enlightenment moments, and growing satisfaction.

People are one of my favorite categories, but I don’t show much for privacy concerns. Above is a random snapshot I took at the fair. Her beautiful profile has inspired me to paint.

On the trip to Vietnam, I was attracted to the scene with a roar boat, a lady with a bamboo hat, and a tropical background. Something about your own ethnical origin is built and empressed within. Tropical just looks charming and intimate to me.

Camera catches the reality, but I can revamp it for my liking and taste through painting. Creative realm is beyond imagination and is where I experienced true joy from deep inside.

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