A New Year Day

Today is the first day of the lunar New Year 2021. Every day is a new day and worth the celebration.

Almost one year after the invasion of Corvid-19, we are now facing new challenges from the variants. We continue to practice social distancing and wear the masks. At the same time, I think we need to go back to a new normal presuming virus prevention measure is followed. We cannot put a pause note in our life and wait for the virus-free day to come.

As soon as the temperature goes up and flower buds start to pop, I will head out again, with mask and distance. On the rainy days, it is therapeutic to browse the old photos and think good old days. Above was a snapshot with shaded lighting, instead of deleting it, I decided to paint it. Painting was a dream for me, and now I am beginning to enjoy it and desire to do more.

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