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If not for the long hours inflight and all sorts of travel restrictions, I would go back to Taiwan now and enjoy the luxury to live normally. For years, I was not disciplined enough to download pictures and do the due diligence to edit and delete after each shot. It’s now the good time to catch up, and to fall into the dream to travel to the past.

Nan-Yuan (meaning South Garden) is located in Hsin-Chu country, about one hour drive from Taipei, the capital city north. It is a retreat place originally built by a Taiwanese news tycoon for his family. The place sits in the seclusive high mountain overlooking the valley. Breathtaking and out of the world.

Aside from the architectural, cultural and intellectual elements throughout, everything seems to be deliberately designed and displayed. I felt I could be there days and thinking I was in heaven. 2013 is the beginning of my photography journey when I visited Nan-Yuan (also called One Place by the owner). I desire to go back sometime to look at it from different perspectives.

Out of everything, I was most attracted to the windows (and doors) in all shapes (an opened book, a flower vase, a pair of pears…). Walking along the path in the retreat, unique scenes after scenes are casually and randomly framed by the windows or the doors.

Sight is showcased by the frames (windows and doors), and one frame is being framed by the other.

Current lock-downs deprive our freedom physically, but we can free up ourselves by seeing through the windows and conducting virtual tours through the pictures.

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