Olympic Trial and Ballet

We have beautiful summer here in Northwest. Heat can be consuming at times, but trade-offs are the whole yard of lush blooms and colors. When the choices are abundant, I, on the contrary, don’t feel inspired to spend hours on my favorite close-up flower pictures.

Reality is truthful but not all beautiful. My passion for taking abstract flower pictures has pushed me to also ‘dream of’ sports and events. The pursuit of photographing slow movement and blur as well as expect the unexpected is very fun and satisfying.

Hayward Statidumm, Tracktown Eugene, Oregon

Too many homebound days in the last year, I was happy to get away and go to Olympic Trials in town. New Hayward Stadium is a work of art, except that I could not walk around as freely as I used to and had to shoot from a distance.

Close Race
Pole Vault – landing success

The Victory Point

Due to the pandemic, the granddaughter’s ballet recital was performed outdoors at dusk. The light condition wasn’t great for photography, but the gradually dimming golden sunset light enhances the ambiance. It’s also in Oregon, where we have the wild and wide natural environment to make such presentation. I was completely impressed by the event produced by this local ballet school.




Pandemic is still here, but life goes on. I would live life as usual and continue to do whatever I love.

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