Humanity in Birds

Backyard birds are our pets, friends, and entertainers. Wild birds seen in the woods are nice surprises on occasion; Birds surrounding us daily are the ones that enhance our lives, at least in my case.

My love for birds stemmed from observing their behavior. First, they inspire us to invent airplanes. The instinct stored in their tiny brain often reminds me that they are not merely creatures. Other than the juveniles which are still flapping their winds unsteadily and wondering how to fetch their food, in every single bird picture I took, the bird is always staring at me, cautiously. They are born with fear, just like us.

Spring is the bird’s birth season; however, there are late bloomers.

Mommy House Finch gives birth to the baby and Daddy does the feeding. I think it’s a fair trade, better than our human system. In front of the feeder, the baby still chased after Dad to be fed. I heard much of this baby whine during the spring season. Here is a short video I recorded:

PS. House Finch is sparrow size. Gold Finch is smaller.

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