Memories from Travels – Ravello, Italy

Air travel without pressure and hassles is still a luxury. Road trips are not practical either when lodging and eat-out are required. Going through old travel pictures for home-bound days rekindles some sweet memories.

Church Bell-towers, Ravello, Amalfi Coast
Church Bell-Towers

Italy is charming wherever you go. We had the most enjoyable experience staying in one place in Tuscany and travel by car, bus plus walk to visit the neighboring area.

Communicating with an Italian bus driver isn’t always easy. Every once in a while, we got off a place without knowing where we were.

Arch in Ravello

Wandering in a remote area in a foreign land is a daunting but exciting experience. The landscape is gorgeous. Viewing from various angles of the frames is amazing.

Italian cuisine is beyond delicious. Even the formal dining setting is inviting appetite and relaxation.

Restaurant in Ravello, Italy

For this day, if dine-in is restricted, there are even more awesome places to dine outdoors in the delightful settings.

Dining by the sea, Ravello, Amalfi Coast

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