A morning of Action

It appears to be a good fishing day…. wish I had my fast camera with me. The weather was chilly and a bit gloomy, but a few surprises have made me a wonderful morning.

Egrets are not rare spices or uncommon birds, but snapping a fishing scene was my first. In less than one minute, the fish was down to its throat. I wonder if the poor even had a second to ponder their fortune.

Cormorants are ‘fishing birds in China. Their job is to catch the fish for the fishermen. I don’t know how they are fed, but they don’t get to eat what they fish themselves. The cormorants here have a good life and enjoy total freedom.

When a work vehicle drove by, the engine noise made all take off and run for life,

Kingfisher was rattling over the water back and forth waiting to snatch their prey. If he did not stop, aiming for a clear shot is challenging. His whimsical hairdo and naughty behavior keep me interested in getting better shots.

On the lighter side, a curious Cedar Waxwing fledgling and a Red-Tailed Hawk were the temporary spectators in the scene. It’s a beautiful day and everyone is looking into the next move.

Planning to find some fall colors, I was completely side-tracked by the action.

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