About me

Wanting to be a writer when I was fresh out of college, instead, I became a business woman for decades. I loved to take pictures, but my career prevented me from picking up any hobby outside the work. Now that I am retired, and I want to catch up what missed in the prime period of my life.
When I used to write in Taiwan, I used my native language Mandarin. Having lived in the US for almost thirty years, I am no longer fluent in my literal Chinese. At the same time, I am not perfect in English as my first language is predominately rooted in me.
In the years I have lived here, not only my language has been a challenge, but I also have to work on my cultural conflict and compromise. I have two grown-up daughters who are more in tune with my Caucasian husband than myself.  I live in Oregon where my circle of friends is mostly speaking the same language as my own family.
I am not good to express myself fully through either of the spoken languages; however, I found freedom and urge of expressions through my writing and photography. My love for the divine Nature inspires me, and She provides me infinitive resources for my creative work.
I have so much that I want to do with my photography and I can easily indulge myself in my creative world for hours and hours.  I am certainly not an expert in photography. I am still experimenting and learning every day.
My blog is here to share what I know with the friends who have the same interest as me and grow our passion together.