About Me

Wanting to be a writer when I was fresh out of college, instead, I became a business woman for three decades. I always like to take pictures, but my intense career responsibilities prevented me from pursuing a hobby outside my work. Now I am retired, and it’s time for me to catch up what’s missed in the prime of my life.IMG_6526 copy

When I used to write in high school, I used my native language Mandarin. After living in US for almost thirty years, I am no longer fluent with my Chinese. At the same time I am not perfect in English either as my first language has been deeply rooted in me. In the years I have lived here, not only my language is a challenge, I also have to constantly adjust and compromise my cultural differences with my grown-up daughters who are more in tune with my Caucasian husband than myself.

I live in Oregon where people called it, a photography haven. From a crowded island Taiwan to the wide open nature wonderland Oregon, I have immediately discovered where my love and heart are. I love to create and nature is my inspiration. Photography has since provided me an outlet to explore the world through my camera lens. It has dramatically altered my life perspective and made me appreciate more what God has created for our pleasure on earth.20150615-img_9723

In January 2013, I was given an assignment to start a blog, a photography blog.  I have never written a blog not mentioning in English. Besides, I then just began to experiment DSLR with manual settings. Now in retrospective, I am feeling lucky and grateful that I took the challenge.

This blog is a journal for my photography journey. Photography is a long and winding road. I did not hauntitled (1 of 1)ve any film background in my youth and I picked up a digital camera very late.

Nevertheless I have thoroughly enjoyed, entertained, intrigued, and surprised by the process. I am enabled to see the world in finer details and I can satisfy my yearning for creativity through my images.



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