Amazing Race – American spirit

Earlier this spring, I attended a photography shooting event at UH’mazing Race which is sponsored by PCL (Partnership in Community Living) and Home Depot. It was a much low-key Amazing Race than what you saw on TV, but it is quite impressive considering it is just a local event. I took lots of pictures andContinue reading “Amazing Race – American spirit”

Battle with squirrels – for laughter only

Friday should be the beginning of an easy and relaxing day. I intend not to approach serious subject, but we are under attack by squirrels and I have to vent it out.  I know this may upset some people who love squirrels, just you know that squirrel is still the winner up to this point.Continue reading “Battle with squirrels – for laughter only”

Make Cabin a Haven – Get out of the Norm

My husband’s family owns a cabin in the woods and by the lake.  In the past three decades, there have been many family gathering events held there.  Occasionally we also invited our friends to go there for weekends.  It is surely a nice get-away place. I don’t get tired of looking at the clear blueContinue reading “Make Cabin a Haven – Get out of the Norm”

A Traveler’s Journal

In three weeks, I will be leaving for a trip to tour Scandinavian countries, Baltic Sea and Russia.  Friends often wondered why I choose these less common destinations. My answer is simple, “because I have never been there”.  For a photography enthusiast like me, all places have unique aspects of their own and I will always findContinue reading “A Traveler’s Journal”

Presumed Water Color – B.J. was Back!

My old brother did water color and Chinese brush painting when he was young. He got his first award in a regional art contest when he was only 15, but he only painted till he graduated from college.  And he has not picked up his paint brush since. I wanted to paint, but I don’tContinue reading “Presumed Water Color – B.J. was Back!”