A New Beginning

It is incredible that we, at Northwest, are able to enjoy a fair sunny weather since February. Surrounded by early bloomers and bird singings, I have hard time to resist the temptation. I am thrilled that this is going to be a long and prolific photography season.

When I started my blog back in January, 2013, I was new to DSLR manual settings. . Blogging with own images and in my second language was a daunting adventure. I am glad that I took the challenge. Not only I’ve forced myself to learn and experiment various aspects of photography, the process of exploring and discovering have re-shaped my life and dramatically broadened my perspective.

My former profession managing new product development has trained me to be proactive, always look for something new and urged me to be creative at all times. After blogging in the same format for two years, I am anxious to breathe some fresh air. Change sounds easy, but it involves more learnings and more experiments. I originally aimed at the beginning of the year, but it was immediately proven impossible. First, I have too many ideas and cannot pin myself down. Second, I have my calendar filled so tightly that I barely find time for new education. The good news is, I have now a clearer goal with my photography.

Flowers and Birds will still be my love. Landscape will always play a significant role living in Oregon. They are my resources to explore and discover God’s amazing and miraculous creations.

And, I will continue to find the emotions in the street using telephoto lens, not your 50mm or 85mm. My skills can be improved, but I don’t think I would ever be transformed to be an extrovert.

don’t travel as much as I used to for work, but I still travel occasionally and share my images. However, most of my travel pictures are either taken from a tour bus or a moving vehicle. They are not world class images. but I thought it is all about sharing. I share my Italy pictures and you share your Bali images. Together, we’ve travelled to two places instead of one.

My library is packed with family event pictures. For big events or major trips, I made them into photo books. Small events are at least made it into my yearbooks. When our grandchildren came along, I began to follow them whenever I find opportunities. Children are the most precious and their every movement touches your heart. Several hundreds of shots in one visit are nothing and I don’t delete their pictures the way how I eliminated my regular shots. I cherish every single move and simile of theirs that my camera captured.

I am not a sports fan of any kind, but I like to shoot at sports events. From walking to biking, I also shot at track and field races and college basketball games. Action is simply exciting. Capturing athlete’s facial expression and physical movement are a very satisfying process, from there I come to appreciate their hard work and unbeatable spirit.

Texture and digital painting add artistic flare to a photographed image and for that reason, I love to texture some of my images. People tend to be drawn to the same beautiful photography spots. Not mentioning individual photography skills, the perspective point of view can vary, but what you see is what they are. Photographers utilize light and composition to enhance the images. For the same token, I like to use texture to dress the image and create the mood and tone to my personal likings. Eventually my art is what I see and how I choose to interpret it to reveal my true self.

Street photography is great fun. Street is one huge resources for inspirations, people, lifestyles, fashion and you name it. While the subject for Street photography and Portrait is People. We capture natural and simultaneous expression and emotion in the street vs Portraits are usually involving posing and staging. I like to read autobiography and watch movies based on true stories. Street has the best presentation of our life stories.

Photography has changed my perspective for life and helped me to further explore the Nature created by God. I have repeatedly trained to be more attentive to details and appreciate everything just so much more.

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