Birding in Costa Rica (4) – Hummingbirds

The number and species of Hummingbirds are astounding in Costa Rica. It’s not hard to capture some shots except that perfect shots do not come easy, and I tend not wanting to shoot them off the feeder. I like them to be in the natural environment. It is more challenging but also more rewarding.  JustContinue reading “Birding in Costa Rica (4) – Hummingbirds”

Birding in Costa Rica (3) – about Gender

They are a pair. But which one is male and which is female? The bird on the right is not only more prominent, more active and it’s the one who brought its mate the food.  I was surprised to know that she is the female. It puzzled me how God created the male and femaleContinue reading “Birding in Costa Rica (3) – about Gender”

Costa Rica Birding (2) – brawls

Squirrels are aggressors when pursuing their food. Acorn Woodpecker is more courteous, but he could not help not to voice his complaint. Hummingbirds are everywhere. I seldom see two of them on one feeder at home, but in Costa Rica, the feeders are often fully occupied. When the feeder is overly crowded, the fight occurred.

Birding in Costa Rica (1)

Not really a birder, I went with a birding group to Costa Rica. I chose a birding group because I don’t care for photographing birds out of the feeders and I expected to see more birds with the birders. Birds are everywhere, but it does not mean that you got to see all. Experienced birdersContinue reading “Birding in Costa Rica (1)”

Oh, Owls

About four years ago, I got my first shot of a Great Horned Owl which is a larger owl sized about  22″.  And more Great Horned Owls in the last three years until last spring I finally had a shot of Burrowing-Owls. They nest and roost in burrows and are often buried in the bushes. AsContinue reading “Oh, Owls”

It’s a Hawk Day

It was a heyday for me to capture hawks. Smaller birds are still my primary interest, but I’ve grown my interest in raptors even since I photographed Prairie Falcon last year. Driving along the roads, I often saw hawks perching on the electric poles, treetops or top of the fences. But I have not made theContinue reading “It’s a Hawk Day”

Love in the Backyard – Flickers

Aside from the technical aspect, bird photography puts me in training for my patience and persistence. I heard Flicker’s calls and saw them flying by for years without taking a good picture. Credited to a ‘woodpecker delight’ suet I randomly picked up at the store which suddenly becomes a hit, my backyard has been busy. FlickersContinue reading “Love in the Backyard – Flickers”

GotCha – Brown Creeper

Managed to post one decent picture last time after months of waiting, I continued to look for the opportunity for the bird to show up again and, most importantly, at the right time (when I am ready to fire the shot). This moment finally came, and I was able to take 7-8 pictures from differentContinue reading “GotCha – Brown Creeper”