New Year backyard visitors

Bushtits come in a flock and leave as a group. I wonder if they have a leader in command. Suet is one great winter protein source for the birds. This little guy, a ruby-crowned kinglet, was around a lot this winter. However, he usually came early in the morning when it’s still dark outside, and onceContinue reading “New Year backyard visitors”

Birder vs Hunter

The parking lot of a birding site was full.  I expected to see some happy birders. Instead, I saw several groups of people with rifles walking out of the site. One of the women even showed off her prey, a breathless pheasant!  The gunshot was off sparsely, and we saw a pheasant hiding under theContinue reading “Birder vs Hunter”

At a lake walk – unexpected find

My emotional attachment to Cormorant began in Guilin, China.  The thought of them being used to catching fish with their throat choked often disheartened me. I like to see them enjoy their life in the land of freedom. Cormorants are common inhabitants of lakes and rivers. My lack of enthusiasm to carry a big lensContinue reading “At a lake walk – unexpected find”

It’s a Bird day

Birds and flowers are my favorite photography subjects. The varieties of both species are absolutely startling. The individual features and intricate details can be mind-boggling. I often wondered if any of the botanists and ornithologists has ever mastered the knowledge of all the birds and flowers in the universe. Rain drops started to beat on my windshield whenContinue reading “It’s a Bird day”