New York, New York (2) – Central Park, Skyscapers

New York is one of the ultimate destination for the tourists and photographers. I have been here numerous times, but the visit to Central Park is my first. Central Park occupies 842.60 acres, more than 5 times of Washington Park in Oregon. I entered the south entrance on 59th street and later discovered that IContinue reading “New York, New York (2) – Central Park, Skyscapers”

Fall is a family photo season

Fall brings natural and stunning background for family pictures.  The soft glowing sunlight highlights the ambiance and dramatizes the result.On top of all the natural elements, this beautiful family was dressed so nicely that the colors of their apparels echo the colors of the environment.  It was a very enjoyable photography session. Taking candid shotsContinue reading “Fall is a family photo season”


Everyone wants to take sharp pictures, not necessarily me. I do want the details of my flower images to be crisp and sharp. I think the facial expression of the portraits should be clearly illustrated. Otherwise, I really love shallow depth of field with that blurry or fuzzy backdrop. I am still playing with Lensbaby lenses.Continue reading “Blur”

Fall, Fog, Frost – thoughts in the walk

Sunshine is still beautiful but the temperature is way down. Fall chill is definitely here.  There have been many foggy mornings.  The fog was so dense that I could only see one car ahead of me, not further.  This reminds me of my days living in Sacramento in winter time.  The density of the fogContinue reading “Fall, Fog, Frost – thoughts in the walk”