Hay Bales

Mountains are beautiful, but I took the picture because of the sage green hay bales. Either they are squares, rolls or piles, I just like them to be my subject. Brown haybales are what I usually see and that makes these sage green ones special. On a special project, I might not be as punctualContinue reading “Hay Bales”

Natural Sculpture – Lower Antelope Canyon

natural It’s unusual for me not to post anything in a week. And yet it’s quite challenging to travel in the 110-degree temperature. Besides, I’d decided not to carry my laptop also no editing or posting through any handheld devices.  Below are again ‘vacation pictures’. Busing time is long while stops for photography is short.Continue reading “Natural Sculpture – Lower Antelope Canyon”

Columbia Gorge

If you come to Oregon, you don’t want to miss Columbia River Gorge. Last September, a 15-year old teenager’s fireworks triggered a significant wildfire in Columbia Gorge area. I have often wondered how the damage impacted the view pointers like Multnomah Falls, Vista House, and Women’s Forum. Passing through two days ago, I am excitedContinue reading “Columbia Gorge”

Ants – the Industrious Model

Grown up in the city, I am so used to cement and tile, the clear-cut environment. After two decades of living among trees and ever-growing vegetations, I thought I’d been accustomed to the small creatures in the rural and rustic areas. But, no, I screamed when this brown ant crawled into my hiking pant. ItContinue reading “Ants – the Industrious Model”

First Bloom

It has been a long wait to see some colors in the yard. Lantern Roses flowered in February, but they were distressed in the rainy and chilly weather. Happy to see Sun even for just a few days. Hellebore grows with her face downwards. It’s a bit challenging to photograph right out of the plant.Continue reading “First Bloom”