Memories from Travels

My new normal is to conduct home and hobby projects working from a planned list and a designated timeline. I like to be able to adjust my pace to make the process fun and relaxing, and yet, not to waste the time away. Most of my intensive travel was done while I was still workingContinue reading “Memories from Travels”

Fall is a family photo season

Fall brings natural and stunning background for family pictures.  The soft glowing sunlight highlights the ambiance and dramatizes the result. On top of all the natural elements, this beautiful family was dressed so nicely that the colors of their apparel echo the colors of the environment.  It was a very enjoyable photography session. Taking candidContinue reading “Fall is a family photo season”

A Beautiful Wedding

A  wedding does not need a luxury resort, a multitude of guests, and a generous array of exotic bouquets. I  had the honor to photograph a wedding, and to me, it is a beautiful one. The Decoration designed by the bride herself is tastefully done. What the Ceremony proceeded in an amicable rhyme is formal and yet spontaneous. TheContinue reading “A Beautiful Wedding”