Paint It

This was not a very good summer. Besides pandemic, I had one camera and one lens in the repair shop for more than a month. It is a good time though to go through the old photos and refresh many precious moments.

Outing is not as readily convenient these days, I found another creativity outlet – digital painting. Drawing is not my forte. Utilizing photography to create a blueprint (sketch) and painting software to draw digitally makes my painting dream possible. To me, it’s all about self-enjoyment and creativity opportunities.

I surely don’t spend lots of time editing a picture, but I found it great fun tweaking a picture and adding artistic elements. Just like seven years ago, when I started to learn photography, I went through a struggling phase, many enlightenment moments, and growing satisfaction.

People are one of my favorite categories, but I don’t show much for privacy concerns. Above is a random snapshot I took at the fair. Her beautiful profile has inspired me to paint.

On the trip to Vietnam, I was attracted to the scene with a roar boat, a lady with a bamboo hat, and a tropical background. Something about your own ethnical origin is built and empressed within. Tropical just looks charming and intimate to me.

Camera catches the reality, but I can revamp it for my liking and taste through painting. Creative realm is beyond imagination and is where I experienced true joy from deep inside.

Fall is a family photo season

Fall brings natural and stunning background for family pictures.  The soft glowing sunlight highlights the ambiance and dramatizes the result.On top of all the natural elements, this beautiful family was dressed so nicely that the colors of their apparels echo the colors of the environment.  It was a very enjoyable photography session.

Taking candid shots have been my favorite thing to do. Including wedding and family portraits, I am in favor of simultaneous moments and natural expressions. Just let the kids play is my preferred way to snap their pictures. I never asked kids to ‘cheeze’.

 Can you imagine how much fun the kids can get out of the piles of fallen leaves?

It was great fun to photograph this lovely family. Beautiful people, beautiful color, and beautiful light. I did the very minimal adjustment. The environment elements do most of the work.

Note: These pictures are posted with the permission of the family for your eyes pleasure only.                     Please respect the copyright.


A Beautiful Wedding

A  wedding does not need a luxury resort, multitude of guests, and generous array of exotic bouquets. I  had the honor to photograph a wedding, and to me, it is a beautiful one.

The Decoration designed by the bride herself is tastefully done. What the Ceremony proceeded in an amicable rhyme is formal and yet spontaneous. The ambiance at the Reception with all family and friends greeting and hugging is cheery and cozy. And, the Dance with everyone simultaneously led on by the music is a highlight. Among everything else, the bride and the groom,  are absolutely a gorgeous couple.

The weather was cloudy and occasionally rainy. I was able to snap a few shots in between the misty rain. Considering the ambiance, Indoor ceremony and evening reception without fully equipped were a small task. Besides, I had only one hour to take all the portraits and group pictures. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this experience very much, and I may have found myself a new loved subject – wedding. The varieties of topics in a wedding are what draw me to it.

When the opportunity comes, I would love to do it again.