Memories from Travel

My new normal is to conduct home and hobby projects working from a planned list and a designated timeline. I like to be able to adjust my pace to make the process fun and relaxing, and yet, not to waste the time away.

Most of my intensive travel was done while I was still working and thought photography is a luxury hobby. Still having a bucket list of travel destinations and still patiently waiting for the pandemic to be lessened, I am going through the old travel pictures. Most of my intensive travel was done while I was still working and way before my photography journey. Still having a bucket list of travel destinations and still patiently waiting for the pandemic to be lessened, I can at least go through the old travel pictures.

She was working in a vineyard in Tuscany, Italy. Every morning as I enjoyed my breakfast, I spotted her red jacket and noticed that she was one of the industrious workers whose bucket seemed always full. One day I walked up to her asking for a shot, she returned with a smile. This smile has always been in my mind. I wish her well.

After visiting numerous castles, mansions and churches in Europe, I found my ‘fiddler-on-the-roof’ in front of a Spanish palace. His self-content and nostalgic music are infectious and impactful. A few years later I ran into the texture with the music notes and this image has since become one of my favorites. I can still feel and hear up to this day.

That was at least 15 years ago. I ran into my colleague in Hong Kong while we were both traveling for work. We decided to utilize the weekend time and travel to Guilin, South West China where layers of winding rice patties are the unique landscape for the region. Farming residents then grew their own food with natural fertilizers, but we were still skeptical about the food quality in the restaurant. While there was no better choice, we took some stomach medicine and walked into a local restaurant. Surprise and not, the food is naturally and organically delicious. I can still remember the freshly stir-fried crunchy cabbage we had.

She was trimming freshly harvested chili and placed them on the bamboo plate. With two chatty people walking by, she did not even raise her head. No disturbance is the message. Our chat paused and footsteps were gradually quiet down… Simple yet colorful, Silent yet busy, Secluded yet a workforce on its own.

Fall is a family photo season

Fall brings natural and stunning background for family pictures.  The soft glowing sunlight highlights the ambiance and dramatizes the result.On top of all the natural elements, this beautiful family was dressed so nicely that the colors of their apparels echo the colors of the environment.  It was a very enjoyable photography session.

Taking candid shots have been my favorite thing to do. Including wedding and family portraits, I am in favor of simultaneous moments and natural expressions. Just let the kids play is my preferred way to snap their pictures. I never asked kids to ‘cheeze’.

 Can you imagine how much fun the kids can get out of the piles of fallen leaves?

It was great fun to photograph this lovely family. Beautiful people, beautiful color, and beautiful light. I did the very minimal adjustment. The environment elements do most of the work.

Note: These pictures are posted with the permission of the family for your eyes pleasure only.                     Please respect the copyright.


A Beautiful Wedding

A  wedding does not need a luxury resort, multitude of guests, and generous array of exotic bouquets. I  had the honor to photograph a wedding, and to me, it is a beautiful one.

The Decoration designed by the bride herself is tastefully done. What the Ceremony proceeded in an amicable rhyme is formal and yet spontaneous. The ambiance at the Reception with all family and friends greeting and hugging is cheery and cozy. And, the Dance with everyone simultaneously led on by the music is a highlight. Among everything else, the bride and the groom,  are absolutely a gorgeous couple.

The weather was cloudy and occasionally rainy. I was able to snap a few shots in between the misty rain. Considering the ambiance, Indoor ceremony and evening reception without fully equipped were a small task. Besides, I had only one hour to take all the portraits and group pictures. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this experience very much, and I may have found myself a new loved subject – wedding. The varieties of topics in a wedding are what draw me to it.

When the opportunity comes, I would love to do it again.