Early Fall In Montana

Ten years ago when I visited Montana, I was impressed by its majestic mountains and bold scenery. On the recent second visit, I found I am so in love of it. The road to Logan Pass (from Avalanche to Jackson Glacier) was closed due to the freshly covered snow, we were just one day late.Continue reading “Early Fall In Montana”

Thoughts on Ice – one more thing to thank for

Brrrrr… but utterly beautiful.  Snow or not, I would still say Yes.  Have a cup of tea, sit by the fireplace, and stare at the white wonderland outside. Isn’t it one of the best relaxation you can have at home? It is a luxury for me, for someone who does not need to go outContinue reading “Thoughts on Ice – one more thing to thank for”

Walks and Thoughts on Snow

Other than the extreme winter I experienced in Chicago, this is the lowest temperature that I ever witnessed here. It is hard to make belief to my tropical friends that the temperature actually went down to 1 degree Fahrenheit (Celsius 17 subzero) a couple of days ago. Snow came down 6 days ago and IContinue reading “Walks and Thoughts on Snow”