My love for birds started from feeding birds in our backyard. Hummingbirds are many people’s favorites and I can never get tired of taking their pictures. We rescued a baby Stella Jay when it fell from the nest and he came back to visit us numerous times afterwards (see my B.J. Story and the first image below).

Two years ago, I read from a magazine that a 10 years old girl has seen 150 kinds of birds and that article inspired me to begin looking for birds whenever we are out about or hiking in the woods. I am not your dedicated wildlife photographer or a birder. I don’t make efforts to study bird’s habit, use blinds and I don’t wait patiently¬†for birds to show up. I take bird pictures as I discover them occasionally or I go to wildlife refugees to look for them. My goal is not to take dramatic action shots, I am simply interested to record their images and enjoy God’s creation.

Birds are like flowers. They are in great varieties and have unique characteristic of their own. It makes me appreciative and happy by knowing their existence and watching their behavior. How God has designed for them the beautiful outfits is beyond me. I enjoyed them like I do with flowers. And, once you get to know them, an emotional relationship is established and they are just like your friends.

I will gradually add more images as I go through my archives.