Simply Dahlias

One month flew by since I last posted. How would I ever chase Time and catch up with it? It is apparent to me that I cannot permit my camera in Rest mold too long…

The day could have been better if the sun was not so overpowering. The light could have been better if I got there earlier… Guess I just had to do what I can and forget the what if’s.

Swan Island Dahlias farm is an ultimate place for a broad selection of gorgeous Dahlias and certainly floral photography. I am impressed by the work they’ve contributed to manicure the farm and present the public with the absolutely close-to-perfect flowers and foliages.


Juvenile Flicker

It must be the suet I put out there, we have many Flickers come to the backyard this year. The feeding scene is no longer new since I spotted last year. Young Flickers perched on the tree trunk for naps is my first sight.

Mama’s and Babies

More a Bird and Bloom person, I could not believe that I was doing a safari photographing wild Bears and Tigers and had a great time.

I do admit that my eyes are still on the mild animals and human side of it.


Dream On

It’s a half inch of the flower bud. It gives me visual pleasure. It inspires me to focus on whatever I do. Youth is a strength. Start out right, set a sound target, and go for it.

Looking close

Finally got my almost-tarnished macro lens out. It has been a while since I last used it. If not peeking through it so carefully, I would never notice the beauty of this small flower. I leave the name to the botanist.

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