A pleasant morning in the garden. It will be better if I can be there one hour early to use the softer light.

If I don’t come closer, I would never notice the beauty of uniformity in these tiny flowers.

It’s my favorite Rannunculs, a whole patch of them. I added some gradient to express what’s in my mind: the flowers are fully bathed in the sun.

It may have something to do with my youth experience in the music band. When I saw this flower, I thought about Saxophone. It’s kind of silly, but that is what came to my mind.  These 2mm tubes are so dainty, can you see the mystery hidden inside?


It has been a bit of wait for the winter to leave. Sooner when the Sun hits the earth, all things grow and I feel overwhelmed with the colors. During a short walk-around with my point and shoot, I found myself clicking my shutter without stopping. I have always liked the orange poppy. This purple version is my first sight.

Looks like a cluster of grapes from the distance, I love particularly the delicate petals viewing them closely.

Simple but Not

Red-wing Blackbirds are so common in wildlife refuges. I usually don’t pay much attention to them.  But when they are there in flocks and flying around. I felt I need to do something about it and this something can not be a ‘Just a blackbird’ shot.

First and an easy one, press the shutter when the bird sings.

Even better, when the bird flapped its red wings. It looks like a King-Kong in this pose.

And, it took off in that split second and I captured it ! Can be better if it was not cloudy, but hey, this is my first.

Inspired by Sports

Winter lingers. Spring is still soaked in the rain. It has been long waiting for the flower buds to pop and the migrating birds to be back. So a non-sports fan went to an indoor basketball game…

Almost all sports have surrounded a  ball,  the player’s target. When we have a target,  we can better focus on our effort and move straight forward to reach that  goal.  I am constantly chasing that ball in my life. So much to do and to learn, but I need to grab that ball.

The girl on the upper right is elected as the player of the year. She demonstrates strong confidence and determination wherever she goes. I am from a culture that promotes humble virtue. It is exciting for me to witness what confidence can accomplish.

I like sports photography for the speed, the spontaneous body movement, and the ever-changing choreography besides the lines and the curves. On this note, that serves my interest in anything with an art form.

Have not written for a while, I did not expect to be inspired by something (an NCAA women’s basketball game) I am not really interested in.

Birds of the Week

Wet and cold winter lingers. Except for a few early blooms, colors are sporadic and barely visible.  Bird activities seem to usually start in February and that’s where my camera goes.

In my continuous pursuit of Western bluebirds, I found them in more places. They are around, but if not for the luck, they are usually too distant to reach. I desired a clear shot with their gorgeous feather fully shown, but whenever that opportunity popped up, they were in the shade.  It seems to me that their natural instinct teaches them the risk of fatal attraction. Black Phoebes are common here. They don’t have a dramatic outlook and thus can enjoy their freedom everywhere.  We all want to be unique and outstanding, but being ordinary is not necessarily a bad thing.

Cedar Waxwing is one of my all-time favorites. I have enough of their pictures, but I can never get tired of taking more.

I am not a serious birder. I am in for good images (and the satisfaction of seeing them), not for number counts. However, I am happy to add a new bird to my list. This Oak Titmouse finally came closer for a shot, but it was early morning of a cloudy day…

I thought this is a new bird, but they are juvenile Western Bluebirds.

They wear red caps like Acorn Woodpecker, but Nuttall’s Woodpecker has striped outfit.

Thriving trees and shrubs are in the vicinity, but Acorn Woodpecker is doing his woodwork on somebody’s house.  If your house is aged, be aware.

Enough of birds, I am longing for spring colors, or, more new birds.

Sunshine Act

Nature provides me inspiration. Sunshine brings me energy. Nature was my comfort zone and now I am chasing the sunshine. Not only me, but birdies are also more active when they have more choices of berries and seeds. At least I have not seen a goldfinch hanging himself upside down till now.

So hard to capture a warbler. They are so fast-paced that the chance to have a clear shot depends purely on luck. When the light is good, the success rate increases. I have not photographed them from this angle.

And guess what, sunshine brought me a golden opportunity to capture my favorite bird, another Western Bluebird:

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