Ever since I began to experiment with Lensbaby, my visual world has been turned and twisted around. I am no longer an advocate of tack sharp images. To me, the beauty is in subtlety, in vagueness, and in obscurity.  Reality is usually not as pretty as fantasy.

Had a little fun with Lensbaby Twist 60 this morning. There are certainly many twisted hidden in this lens. I love it. Just to share with you couple of examples.


Everyone wants to take sharp pictures, not necessarily me. I do want the details of my flower images to be crisp and sharp. I think the facial expression of the portraits should be clearly illustrated. Otherwise, I really love shallow depth of field with that blurry or fuzzy backdrop.

I am still playing with Lensbaby lenses. This one has a slice focus that I love. I can get more blur using a larger aperture, but that small slice is certainly hard to aim.  Tripod makes the focus easier, but not for the moving subjects I am more interested.

Born without drawing talent, I was also born with impatience.  Hand painting is a mission-impossible endeavor for me. And that’s when the photography came in. It satisfied me when my photograph resembles a painting or painterly like. You know, we always desire something we don’t have.

You saw the trees, a small piece of yellow, a park bench, and this dedicated runner in the col;d morning. It’s a bit story-telling shot, I thought. Fall is stepping in. I love to see the color change. I cannot wait for fall colors. (Above image is a regular lens panning.)

Standing by the entrance of the bridge, I pointed my camera at the bridge and snapped whenever someone with colored clothing came through. In that case, nobody (except the photographers) would think I am taking their pictures.