Early Spring

Shade of Purple
It has been more than three weeks since I caught my cold. Nothing particularly serious and I intended to just tough it out. When my cold symptoms persist more than two weeks, I paid my doctor a visit.  The first dosage of two medication calmed my cold down in the evening, but I was sick like a dog the following day.  I have not had such pounding headache since I was in school.  I think I was reacted to the medication, but not sure so far.
Pain bounced around inside my body from head to toe, no definite destination, like a guitar out of tune and the player just ignored the note. I managed to go on my everyday routine, but I have not acting normal and I don’t feel inspired to do much of anything. Unless it is unbearable, I usually don’t touch any painkillers. Now I am not tough any more and I have to follow doc’s instruction to take them, yucks!
Little Miss Buggy and Daisy
I need a significant flower bouquet as gift for an important birthday. If I need flowers for my house, I went to grocery stores to get ordinaries just for the need.  For gifts, I go to my favorite florists to get something more exotic. 
With the large bouquet in my hands, I seemed to have hard time to let go. I wish I had one. In fact, not mentioning a large beautiful bouquet, I would be happy with a small bunch of wild flowers and keep myself entertained for hours and hours. I am addicted shooting close-up flower shots.  Winter has desolated the nature, no flowers, no colors, but why didn’t I think of using cut flowers from florists?  Why cannot I just indulge myself and get myself a nice bouquet?
Craving thought haunted me throughout the whole weekend while I was swallowing pain killers unwillingly…. On Monday, as soon as store hours hit, I was at the florist. My desire was in control.  I however did not buy a large bouquet, I only purchased about half dozen single stems. I figured I would get lots of fun out of them.
Snow White in the night

Now I have flowers, but it has been raining and natural light source is not readily available. I used window light when opportunity opens up, but it was mostly short. I tried to use rain as backdrop, but I did not like the result.  Rain in gloomy weather looks depressing, not charming, I am afraid. Particularly when the no-name devil was pounding my head recklessly and I had less than normal endurance….
I tried a few flower shots, not exactly what I wanted, but I thought to give myself a break and not to push myself too hard.
Royal Fantasy

Red has never been my favorite color though it is passionate, sensitive, cheerful and indulgent. I intended to shoot the whole flower, but the overwhelming bright color was choking me and I retreated to a section shot.
In comparison with the shot above, this red flower resembles a Queen with her luxurious richness and powerful charm, proud and magnificent. The white flower is more like a full-bloom young Princess. Her beauty and vitality are understated, and also through that subtlety, an extra-ordinary exquisiteness and elegance are displayed. 
For a long time, I like to shoot flowers with shallow depth of field because I like that dreaming and soft touch. For these two flowers, I made the switch to use small aperture. It takes a bit longer time to burst and the images have lots more clarity and sharpness. While I was picking and choosing, I still found the one with slight blur more attractive.
Have been home bound for a while. I am anxious to get out and shoot something else. I certainly hope that I am set for wildlife shoot this coming weekend.

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