It Is a Quiet Night

It is the holiday season. I shall be shooting Christmas Lights and I intended to.  However, by the time when most of the lights were out, I was not available for two weeks. Two days ago, I finally had my freedom back. I had all my gears packed (including stocking cap and glove) and headed out for the Christmas Lights hunt.
After one hour of scouting, I stationed my tripod and was ready to fire my first shot, I felt the mist blown on my face. I thought it was the extreme cold chill, but no, the mist turned to drops, from small to large. It rained heavily after ALL THAT.
Eugene rain usually does not persist and I expected it to go away, but it only got heavier and heavier. I just got my camera damped last month and spent a good $250 price tag to clean it. I took risks no more. So I packed up and went home.
After years of putting up Christmas trees and hanging ornaments, I am doing it faster and faster each year by eliminating the number of ornaments. In fact, I have given away most of my ornaments and only kept a few favorites. Christmas Lights are designed for short lives. They are easily burnt out, and we only replaced a few.  Our Christmas tree is dimmer and dimmer. I tried to shoot a few ornaments, but it was just not working.
I looked at the Angel that I bought from a Macy’s sale many years ago and thought how I have never taken a picture of her.  It seemed to me that she was whispering, “how about me?” She is made of pure white porcelain with simple gold trims. I liked it for its simplicity and elegance. She is there all year round, but I have not really taken a close look at her when she is lit in the evenings. Now I do, I feel she is really a source of a peaceful night. She has been faithfully there playing the tune of Silent Night, but my mind was always somewhere else.
I turned around and found this white Christmas tree. I like the warm tone and its serenity. Sitting at the corner of the house by the window, it sheds light to host a nice resting and reading area. The reflection seems to represent the year has almost passed and will be soon left behind. And the well-lit one is just ready to launch its first step, in two weeks.
This year of 2014 seems to pass so quickly that I am not sure if I have accomplished much. I cannot believe that I have been writing my blogs for two years and that has become one of my routines. I wish that the new year is as bright and promising as it looks, and I will be able to have my little dream and wish fulfilled here and there.
An old candle holder that I have kept for decades. The design is Japanese paper mache with real leaves embedded inside. My Asian origin prompts me to like traditional Asian arts and this is one of them.  I purposely shot this in a dark room. The dark and solemn tone better portrays an old tradition and old culture. It illustrates deep roots and aged history. It is simple and yet packed with ambiance.

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