You eye on super (bowl) heroes, I eye on mine.

Not a sports fan, I went to Oregon Women’s Basketball game, for photography’s sake. I shot at Track and Field once before, but this is the first time that I shoot a basketball game.

Prior to the game, I was pre-visualizing some closer action shots, otherwise, something I can snap from distance. So I brought in my telephoto lens.  The seat usher could not immediately identify our seat numbers because they are in the special zone. My daughter Laura has got us row One seating again!
I would rather hide somewhere and point my camera from distance, but now I am right against the referees and the players. Too much lens for one basket and slightly shy from the other.  None the least, say thanks to my daughter. It was my first experience shooting a game and I was a bit undecided at first and then decided to just wing it as it comes.
Oregon Ducks and UCLA appear to be quite equal. UCLA may be slightly stronger. Oregon was losing ground from the start. I kept telling myself, it is just a game and I am here for photography. Don’t get too excited… Last quarter started and that’s when the excitement began. Oregon was catching up from an 11 points difference to 65 points tie when the clock was less than 2 minutes left.
The shot taken by No. 33 is the key to the victory in that last fatal minute. Wow, what a nice surprise!

Not NBA or NFL, but they are my heroes. And, I am not only speaking of the players, I am also referring to Oregon Gymnastic team and the cheerers. These girls have yelled their lungs out to cheer for the team.

And, check out the performance of Oregon gymnastic team. 

The pictures say it all.  I still like that familiar Green and Yellow.

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