Sahalie Falls

Thought fall colors are disappearing, I intended to have a relaxing hike without thinking of photography. Even so, I could not help not to grab my A6000 just in case…

We have hiked other sections of Mckenzie River Trail but surprisingly did not come to this prime location with Sahalie Fall roaring in the vicinity and Koosah Fall chanting within reach.  It was simply irresistible!  However, without a tripod and neutral density filter, I was staring at the white water, hopelessly. No silk or cotton ball today.

I saw other photographers down the creek among the mighty mist to frame their shots. Pity me, I was just a hiker with an unsettled mind. A strong sense of guilt was overwhelming. I should have brought the gears, but I did not and I could not let go of what was in front of me either. Fall colors are barely there, but the other color palette of white (churning water) and jewel-like green (creek) among the deep forest green (after rain) has taken my breath away.

Waterfall is not my favorite subject, but when Nature sings, my heart leaps. It is hard not to snap a few even though I was not equipped to do it right.


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