A Balanced Life

My listing was on the market for less than 5 days,  a full price offer came on the second day of the Open House. This was the last weekend when Open House was still a typical real estate event. Now coronavirus has thrown all business and personal life into a haul and chaos except some essential categories, including housing-related constructions. I am grateful that my listing is now closed.  I just made an offer for a Buyer, and the offer was accepted. Now I am onto another journey in real estate.

After months of recess, I finally picked up my regular camera and went out to the local garden to capture some spring colors. It was total relaxation and rejuvenation to my soul. Luckily I live in a less-populated state and can still enjoy the outdoor space away from the crowd.

Joggling between photography and real estate, creativity and reality, I found balance in my life. It can be challenging sometimes, but I feel fulfilling and rewarding.

2 thoughts on “A Balanced Life

  1. Congratulations, Chris, on the successful start of your new career in real estate. You do everything well, with passion and perception. Glad to see you still take beautiful pictures in this troubling time of viruses.

  2. What a nice surprise to hear from you! A little action keeps the energy going. Peaceful life in Oregon is great. Nature is within reach and therapeutic. Stay

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