It’s a Hawk Day

It was a heyday for me to capture hawks. Smaller birds are still my primary interest, but I’ve grown my interest in raptors even since I photographed Prairie Falcon last year.

Driving along the roads, I often saw hawks perching on the electric poles, treetops or top of the fences. But I have not made the stop to photograph them until today. Not sure if I will ever like large and ferocious wildlife like bears and tigers, I do like all birds, large and small.


Cobweb inspirations

Went out birding, I ended up being obsessed with the small nature wonder, the spiderwebs.  The perfectly weaved web is beauty under the cozy light. I would use a larger aperture for the bokeh and clean up the clutters in the background, but I had only my telephoto lens with me.

The imperfection of the web is overcome by the colorful vegetation behind. If not for the slight imperfection, the colors would probably not have the opportunity to display. I am a deadly perfectionist and now I learn not to be one. Leave some room for others to shine.

These are not any special images to speak, but I am so impressed by the will and determination of the little creature. Anything resourceful is being used by IT to support the structure. I wanted to remove some cluttered branches for a better image but decided to leave them alone…

Tuck yourself away from the noise and hide-out here with this meticulously weaved hammock that the spider has prepared for you?

Who would take so many spiderweb pictures? Ask photographers.

Dancing Thistles

There has not been any snow or ice storm this winter, and the temperature seems to be climbing up. I had fun photographing iced and frosted vegetation last year, but chances of getting my dream scene are minimum this year.

Whenever I walk by this ‘path of thistles,’ they are mostly dark and dry. I’ve often challenged myself to create something out of nothing. But how can I make something lively from something so deadly?

With Lensbaby velvet lens with me, I discovered the world that I have not seen. I was dazzled by the soft glow. Sunlight was in the background, and I  found this small group of thistles glowing and dancing in the light.

I examined many single thistles and walked into the mud trying to shoot from various angles. Sunbeams on the thistle danced an array of radial glow.

I wish I could take a better picture to show you the virtual reality from the viewer of my camera. This is the first time I come to realize what GLOW really means.

The sensational light circles were hovering over the thistles. They caught me by surprise and filled me up with excitement. I was obsessed with the light circles and suddenly discovered a HEART light ring within!

The last image was taken last summer when the thistle was crowned with purple and adorned with green.  If we talk about colors, summer is their prime time.

Yesterday when I was on the path, I found the lavender flowers were green, a sign of spring, yes! I cannot wait for the plants and flowers to bud and to bloom.

Splashed – triptych image


Not an adventurous driver, I am in the process of engaging more indoor photography projects, I took this image three years ago and liked it a lot myself. After posting three black and white images on my blog, I decided to show something more colorful and cheerful.

Have not printed much of my images, I am hoping to do so in the coming years. I was figuring what media to use and the triptych concept came to my mind. I think I would make it a metal print, what do you think?



Love in the Backyard – Flickers

Aside from technical aspect, bird photography puts me in training for my patience and persistence. I heard Flicker’s calls and saw them flying by for years without taking a good picture. Credited to a ‘woodpecker delight’ suet I randomly picked up at the store which suddenly becomes a hit, my backyard has been busy. Flickers came numerous times a day this summer, and they seemed to become less intimidated by the people around.

At first, I love how they hang (bashfully) on the tree trunk, half hidden. Later I was thrilled to see them come to drink the water (getting closer to my camera). I am no bird expert, but a bird with his mouth wide open tells he is waiting to be fed, a newbie. Thinking ‘patience’, I waited and waited, and was able to capture the feeding scene. However, not until I looked at the picture carefully, I did not realize that Dad was doing the feeding.

FYI. Flicker male has a red mark under his chin.


GotCha – Brown Creeper

Managed to post one decent picture last time after months of waiting, I continued to look for the opportunity for the bird to show up again and, most importantly, at the right time (when I am ready to fire the shot). This moment finally came, and I was able to take 7-8 pictures from different angles. The natural camouflage as such, can you even tell its existence if this little guy is not moving?

New Year backyard visitors


Bushtits come in a flock and leave as a group. I wonder if they have a leader in command. Suet is one great winter protein source for the birds.

This little guy, a ruby-crowned kinglet, was around a lot this winter. However, he usually came early in the morning when it’s still dark outside, and once he got his bite, he did not hang out. I don’t sit around waiting to take bird pictures and the chance of getting a good shot is very slim.  Still hoping to get some better pictures.

I saw Townsend Warbler the first time about 5 years ago, and they rarely showed up until this year. I have to credit this peanut butter that I was recently introduced to. It smells just like fresh peanut butter and the birds love it.Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper is the reason this bird’s peanut butter was first created. I scraped the butter on the bark, but the Creepers so far have not been able to taste it. Squirrels seemed to always come before the Creepers. Creepers make their move by creeping up and down the tree trunk. I am still trying to figure out how to feed them without the nuisance from the Squirrels.

Believe or not, backyard birds have become part of my life.