Early Fall In Montana

Ten years ago when I visited Montana, I was impressed by its majestic mountains and bold scenery. On the recent second visit, I found I am so in love of it.

The road to Logan Pass (from Avalanche to Jackson Glacier) was closed due to the freshly covered snow, we were just one day late. Fall colors inside the park have begun to pop on a big scale, beautiful, but not dramatic enough, a bit too early.  We missed out the drama, but no disappointment. It was misty and somewhat bleak; however, the view is no second to a sunshine and glorious day.

Due to weather condition, we decided not to hike any of the trails where I originally expected better photography opportunities. Particularly after my fall, I could manage to walk, but hiking was impossible.

The recent fire has taken away quite a bit of shine from MacDonald Lake. Without getting to the top viewpoints, this is the best I can get from the highway. The burn makes you sigh.

There are slight orange and red colors mixed in with the majority Yellow. Snow changed our itinerary; meanwhile, it provided us with stunning contrast colors. Nature simply knows how to present at its best in the different season and under various circumstances. Oh, Yellow, I have never been so attracted to the color, and so refreshed with its purity.

My dream shots around Lake Mcdonald cannot be fulfilled, instead, I snapped the one below that I love. Mountain, lake, cloud, snow, all colors, and reflection. In addition, this picture marks where I slipped and fell on the ice. I paid a fair price to take this picture. The outcome of my injury prevents me from sitting, but I am still anxious to share, at least some of them.



Joseph – a Jewel of Oregon

Walking down the street, I thought this fair lady is waiting to cross the street. I waited and waited, but she did not move…

I am afraid of mice since I was little. However, I cannot help not to photograph this cute guy. I have seen blackbirds and egrets on the back of a cow, but a mouse on the nose of a moose seems new. Their little chitchat is intimate and friendly.

Two simple traditional horseshoes plus a small coil of wire are turned into a cowboy roper who is furnished with a cowboy hat and bandana. A small piece of whimsical art like this makes me smile.

Joseph, one of my favorite destination, is located in northeastern Oregon, on the foot of Wallowa Mountains – the ‘Swiss Alps’ of Oregon. Aside from her picturesque landscape, this town is full of sculpture artisans who produce amazing copper sculptures.  No place is like Joseph where you are surrounded by beautiful copperworks and gorgeous landscape.

Hay Bales

‘Three Sisters’, Bend, Oregon

Mountains are beautiful, but I took the picture because of the sage green hay bales. Either they are squares, rolls or piles, I just like them to be my subject. Brown haybales are what I usually see and that makes these sage green ones special.

On a special project, I might not be as punctual as I used to.



Autumn is officially here. I am thrilled to see leaves gradually changing colors…. This might be my last flower picture of  the season.

Not a prolific photography season, but nothing is more precious than hanging out with good old friends this summer.


Rain and Cheer

We had an unexpectedly hot summer. I felt much relaxed when the temperature began to drop in the last ten days or so. And, YES, it finally rained. Even the rain lasted only ten minutes, the fresh and chilly air has cheered me up greatly.

Raindrops laced the flower and highlighted the edges of the pedals. Dahlia is beautiful that is out of the question. My joy is to pry in and explore the sudden charm completely unexpected.

Not diligently working to edit pictures lately. Just to show you couple random shots in the rain.

Renaissance Faire

Some improvement is made that I am not as intimidated to ask people for taking their pictures. And yet, in lots of cases, I don’t really care for posing shots or seconds of a made-up smile. I enjoyed more of people’s dressing styles, design details, and natural expressions.

Have never been to a Renaissance Faire, I was stunned by the exceptional environment. Gorgeous sky and rolling green hills with colorful patches here in Kings Valley.

The couple is properly dressed for the occasion. Their body gesture rhythmed and the paces flowed as they enjoyed themselves. The smile comes from within and I found it truly beautiful.

I followed this lady (upper left) wherever she went just for her beautiful hat with a blue feather. Though I have face-to-faced with all the characters here, I found their back or sides is more attractive than the front. All natural and all truthful.

Thought she is a deer with ‘antlers’, but she is a tree lady with ‘branches’.  She (middle) was photographed without knowing … I like her head adornment and the unique headband matching the pattern of her blouse. The man (right) posed for me, but he shows what he is, naturally.

If I want to choose the best costume at the fair, this man (below) is my pick. You don’t need to have a fit and slender body to look good in your apparel. He is simply the best man to wear that outfit, don’t you agree?

Understand they are just dressed for fun, but it is not ‘politically correct’. Maybe priests had girlfriends in Renaissance days?:-) Not sure who originated the idea for the priests and nuns to live their lives alone. We are human beings and should live a normal human life.

I like to photograph at the festival where there is a unique theme on its own and the setting is far more interesting than street photography.

Lost in Vegas

Las Vegas was not, is not, and won’t be my destination. It is, however, my convenient transit point to Utah national parks. Wrongly booked my return date, I ended up having to spend one more day here. I thought I would be overwhelmed by boredom, but not at all. You will see why.

I also dreamed of a jackpot, but I don’t even know how to use a modern slot machine. Besides I was overwhelmed by all sorts of the designs in my surroundings that I did not even consider to come close to the gambling table.

Looking around, I found my favorite flower vase,

Looking up, there are endless ceiling intererst:

Those glamourous casino hotels have characteristics of their own. My interest in architecture is my drive to visit them. However, the content of such hotels is too much for me. If not for a few eye-opening architectural designs, I would not want to stay indoors a bit longer.

Two white door frames welcome you into the restaurant; One hotel concierge is located at the bottom of a wood structure with a bar in the mid-level. I don’t even know how to describe the design.

In Vegas, the walk paths either lead you to a casino or a gift shop. I stayed away from the casino, but I love window browsing and enjoying the creative pieces of work. Chocolate dripping from the ceiling and down right in front of you. Simple fluorescent lights to showcase a fashion red and the whimsical bar stools…

Having hometown gourmet in a foreign place is like having fresh water in the desert. I was tired of expensive restaurants and buffets, so happy to enjoy a simple bowl of shrimp wonton noodle soup. 

Have steaming hot food in an outdoor cafe in Vegas, under 110 degree? Nop. These are cold water mist…

Too much to go on, I don’t want to get you lost either. Las Vegas is not my travel destination, but it is definitely a great place for street photography.

Still ‘Twisting’

So busy this summer going around the places, but not necessarily prolific with my photography. Lensbaby has recently released a few brand-new lenses, but I am still dwelling on Twist 60.

My friend Nancy makes a beautiful model. Thanks to her that she permits me to post her pictures. I simply love the twisted background. Light is crucial as well as color and texture.

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is one of the popular spots on Oregon Coast. Instead of going to busy Tonovolna Beach, we stopped at less-populated  Acadia Beach. The view is just as good or better than trying to dodge the crowd for a shot at Tonovolna.


Grand Canyon – South Rim

This is the Grand Canyon I first visited more than twenty years ago. It remains the same as what I remembered. Added safety rails are probably the only thing different.

I did not know how to take a good picture then, and now I am still a bit bewildered with the massive scale of the rock formation. Different angle makes significantly different images. I could have edited the picture below to pop the colors, but the steaming heat and hazy air create the ancient flare that I like.

My fear for the height makes me envious of those who are daringly standing on the edge of the rock looking down…