Autumn Rain Brings Fall Colors

Eugene is a nice and decent size town, but it is not as resourceful as I like it to be. Driving on the freeway is not my favorite thing to do, but I have often been going back and forth between here and up north to procure what’s missing here. It is surely not fun to drive on the freeway, particularly in the rain. In fact, it is very dangerous.
My driving history is not as long as the regular folks here. I don’t have any breaking records to be proud of, but I did have a few very scary experiences. The most recent one was just less than ten days ago. It rained so hard on the freeway that I could not see the car ahead of me not to mention the cars behind.  My windshield wipers worked as hard as they could, but still not fast enough to give me a clear view. I thought to pull over, but I could not see far enough to make any move.
I saw a rainbow, double rainbows actually. The rainbow colors turned extremely bright at some point when the background color is light and then dimmed down when they hit the dark mountain range.  The scene was so dramatic and so unprecedented that I desired so hard to make a stop somewhere and snap a shot. But I knew it is a mission impossible and I should not even take my eyes off the road… Rain diminished and so were the rainbows. But that glory-like moment is still in my mind.
Rain washes cleanse and wipe the grasses green. Acres of green fields, a sea of trees with fall colors, rivers and lakes, and the reflections on them have composed a breath-taking landscape. The scene of Willamette Valley that I saw from the airplane is absolutely stunning!  On this note, I think it worthwhile to exchange for falling short of resources here.
Autumn rain brings fall colors. I ran out of the door with my raincoat and camera rain jacket when I saw the trees spotted with fall colors. I have been waiting for the leaves to turn colors and these few colors are enough to get me out of the house. There are many shades of red and this red looks so fresh and so clean that it stands out among brown tree barks, evergreens, and the beige house in the background. It was a cloudy day, a better day to portray autumn in many ways.
Inside the white fence is a large piece of property with a house sitting far away from the road. The wide-open field is just right there, I guess, to be the barrier between the house and the street. It looks like a horse property, but I have never seen any horse (or even people) around. The owner must like the secluded living.  I have always had my eyes on this place because of the open space, the row of trees, and the white fence. I cannot tell you why I like white fences. Maybe I wish I have a horse and can ride my horse on my own property. And, I would love to live in a place like this. Quiet, secluded, open, and surrounded by nature.

I took this picture to compare with the other one I took last year on a foggy day (see my previous blog “GotCha Fog”. Can you believe how different it is when two pictures are taken at the same spot at two different times of the season?

Not having to drive on the freeway, the local park is my other place to shoot fall colors. When the colors are intense and there are many colors, I feel like painting over them and turning them into something more artistic. However, I just came back from a trip and did not have time to play with them. Instead, I used several different presets to give all images a bit of a painterly look.
My cornflower is still blooming since I got it six months ago. New growth is still popping. It is not influenced by cool weather and rain at all. I have taken many and decided to take another shot today.
The flower colors are still as vivid and bright as they have been which is truly amazing.  No post-processing was done. What you see is what it looks like. Although they are not your typical fall colors, I count them fall colors because they are the colors that I see on these cold days.
It is the rain that brings all the beautiful fall colors. I like to believe it and I like rain.

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