Looking Out

I had a nice holiday, to begin with, but ended up with a bad cold. Cannot remember when I was sick last, this perpetual sickness sounds an alarm for me. I cannot get sick. period. The recovery time is just too long and that takes my ‘life’ away. When there is no action, there is no life for me.

I have broken my record by not turning on my computer, not driving my car, not taking a sip of coffee, and not stepping out of the house for more than a week.  My photo club is having us post top 2015 photos on our website while I have not even finished going through all my 2015 pictures yet…


Outside is the frost, ice, and occasional fog, I am tempted to go out to take a few, but I do not have any energy. Besides, I don’t want my cold to worsen at below zero temperature. I sit on my favorite swivel chair by the window watching busy birds coming to fetch their food. I feel good that I was able to refill all the feeders before the freeze. Now I am sick, they are coming to entertain me. Thrush is about the same size as a robin except a robin is longer and thrush is chubbier. They usually flew away immediately if they sensed people around, but he kept hopping toward me. I think he is checking on his sick friend. He is surely not afraid of me today. My winter backyard visitors are these ‘old faithfuls’ – Hummingbirds, Juncos, Chickadees, and occasionally Nuthatches. Sparrows tend to pick up food from the ground. I have dropped some seeds on the ground on purpose and am happy to see he is benefited from it. Don’t think sparrow is too common, wait till you hear them sing. It was cloudy and gloomy outside. Though I have bumped up my ISO, I was still shy to get a clean shot. The small bird is sleek and they move faster than a big bird. Not only that, my shaky hands cannot even hold my camera straight. But this Yellow-Rumped Warbler does not come around often and this is one of my few chances.

I am anxious to get better and recover faster.

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