A Coastal Weekend

My college friends are coming to Oregon for our reunion next year.  Oregon is famous for its natural beauty. People heard about it, but there has not been established tourism to support the good name, unfortunately.  Being the resident here, the organization’s job has naturally fallen into my hands.

In theory, I should have been all over the places living here for more than two decades, but we seemed to continuously discover newly-found treasures. The Oregon coast is undoubtedly gorgeous, particularly on this June sunny day.

A wavy morning with the ocean churned… Sun is set. A dramatic and yet peaceful golden scene still lingers on the horizon…

The tide is slowing down and eventually retrieved to the ocean. I was amazed by the ever-changing cloud patterns in the sky…

Our recent hikes have been mostly along the old growth forest or the path along the creek or river. Cascade Head hiking trails are one of the most popular. The elevation gain can be a bit challenge at times, but the following flat ground will come in time to offer you a short break. The path is absolutely natural and the varieties of scenery can take your breath away.

I love the fact that you will be going through lush bushes and giant trees; peeping blue sky, white cloud and wave-laced beach through ‘nature frames’ and the destination offers you a stunning view. I also enjoyed walking along the path overlooking the beach while my feet are constantly brushed by wildflowers.

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