Preset – a jump start

There is a preset of everything when it comes to photo editing. My photo editing skill is very minimum, and I have peeked at Preset offers from time to time.  What I realized is, that Preset is usually created based on individual images with similar content and light condition.  A portrait present does not necessarily work for a landscape picture. Even within the same category, there is a personal taste involved. Preset is designed to be convenient, but sometimes it causes more confusion than convenience.  You need to select the appropriate Preset, and very important, make further adjustments to your liking and best fit for the image that you envisioned.

I seldom use Preset. But every once in a while, I would pick a few and have some fun. I am feeling less guilty to use Preset now. Even if a Preset is used, there is still creating process involved to reach a final result. The good news is, instead of sitting in front of the computer for hours, let someone give you a jump start and you can use the time to go out and shoot more. Good idea, isn’t it?

Walking by this thistle path every day, I have always challenged myself to come up something new from this path that I have pressed my footprints on in the last 18 years. Nothing is new until I used one of the watercolor Preset plus a little bit of tweaking.

Today I make up my mind to experiment with more Preset. It is Ok that the creating process has been initiated by someone as long as we add our own input and come up with something to our satisfaction.

It has been a long and wet winter. I was anxious to go out and photograph some waterfowl. Unfortunately, it is still too early for the season. Migrated birds are still in the warm South. But I got three coots and the lines and texture on the water are quite clear. Instead of clicking Delete, I found them a prettier habitat using Preset.

Really don’t remember how I radial-blurred the background of this picture. I like the red car, but am not too excited about the image. Unless I am a classic car collector, I don’t want to hang it on my office wall. But if the image has a painterly look, and I begin to see it as a piece of artwork than I would consider to hang it.

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