Random thoughts

No longer part of this picture, I can only be the spectator and recollect what I have experienced in life. Life is a long journey. Just like the waves, it goes up and down. Live it with a welcoming heart, take it one day at a time.

Hiking is good for body and soul. I feel the cleansing effect of the wild forest with old-growth, unpolluted air, and filtered sunshine. Bird songs and calls are nature sound that energizes the walk strides.  The reward is at the end of the tunnel, the peak. It’s not just for the sense of achievement, it also puts you ‘above the world’ and ‘beyond the material’ state besides the breath-taking scenery.

It is a wrecked ship, but its new value is accessed when the photographers find it attractive under the sunset and the kids or the young-in-heart get another place to release their excessive energy. When the condition turns into boredom, find the excitement hidden behind.

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