Just hopped off the plane today, I was pleasantly tired and physically came down with a serious cold. So much to take in but not set to write much I am afraid. If you have seen the images below, you would easily guess where I was.


The above sunset picture was taken at 10:30pm. I could not make it to shoot sunrise, 3:30am is just too early for me.


Due to its extreme weather, I did not expect to see any flowers. But on this June summer day, I felt like in California.


Deer are everywhere in Oregon. Even Elk is quite common in the meadows and woods, but this is Caribou whose antelope is quite a presentation.

Artists and designers are inspired by the geography and natural environment surrounded. I was enjoying a fresh halibut fish and chips and this lamp with the spool of fish swimming makes the halibut even tastier.

Here came the highlight, whale watching. The pictures are credited to my husband who had our best equipment in hand. It is very difficult to capture a perfect shot with the whole whale jumping above water. We in fact did not see the phenomenon at all. But the process of spotting, waiting and bursting out with exclamation is fun enough for this excursion.

More to come…

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